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American Idol Ficathon
Recent Entries 
21st-Sep-2009 02:59 am - affirmation (kradam)
title: Affirmation
author: asm614
pairing: Kris/Adam, Kris/Brad (friendship - sorta?)
rating: PG-13 (for language)
word count: 2129
prompt: A non-AU Kradam fic. When Kris needs to get away, he goes the last place anyone will think to look. Angst is great, but please end on an upbeat.

AffirmationCollapse )
21st-Sep-2009 12:03 am - Car Trouble (Meganoop)

Title: Car Trouble
Author: LoveAlwaysLiana
Pairing: Megan/Anoop
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Prompt: a non-AU Meganoop fic. Anoop takes Megan home to meet his parents, hijinks ensue.

Posted at my journal HERE!

21st-Sep-2009 12:47 am - Kradam Mafia AU
Sleepy Adam
Title: Tarnished Souls
Author: Xequth
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: Um... Light R?
Prompt: An AU Kradam fic. Adam is part of a Mafia family, Kris isn't.
Author's Note: I feel really bad for this, but due to a combination of schoolwork and unforeseen personal circumstances, this is not yet finished. *hangs head in shame* It will be soon though, but I felt like I should have something for the prompter before the deadline. So here's the first half, with the second to come in a few days.

Hating organised crime was one of the first things Kris learned in the big city.Collapse )
14th-Sep-2009 04:15 pm - planned chaos (bradam)
american idol
Title: Planned Chaos
Pairing: Brad/Adam
Rating: PG-13 for swearing?
Prompt: Brad is hired as the Idol stylist, but his ~past~ with Adam interferes with their work relationship. HIJINKS ENSUE. He dresses Adam in horrific clothing, acts catty, whatever you want, author, bb. And then eventually they love each other again and all is right with the world.
This didn't turn out the way I wanted it to at all, mostly because I apparently can't write about Brad. At all. I love this prompt, though.

it starts, like many good things, with a plan.Collapse )
ai benches
title: Fairy Tale
author: phaballa
pairing: Kris/Adam
rating: Adult
warnings: MPREG, crackfic
prompt: "A non-AU Kradam crack!fic. Kris gets pregnant with Adam's baby. After that, go crazy with it." And OH, I did.

Kris, it turns out, is kind of a slut. Not in practice, because the whole accidental not-sponge-worthy gay sex really was the first and only time Kris cheated, but in spirit, Kris is a total tramp. Most people would call him a flirt and say he doesn't mean any of it, he's just teasing, but Kris knows that in his heart where he can't ever lie because that's where Jesus lives--he means every word, and if he hadn't promised Katy to be faithful in front of his parents and God and everyone, it's seriously likely that he would be a lot sluttier in practice. Because Jesus maybe lives in his heart, and that helps with resisting the impulses to get jiggy with it, but Kris is pretty sure that Lucifer or, at the very least, one of his higher-up lieutenants, has taken up residence in his dick. Jesus is a busy dude, he can't always be hanging out in Kris's heart, helping him fight temptation, but Satan has like a gillion minions and can totally afford to dedicate one solely to Kris's dick, especially when Kris is in this vulnerable position of constant blue balls. It's not Kris's fault he's a harlot. The devil made him do it. QED.

link: Fairy Tale
8th-Sep-2009 09:45 pm - Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll
darren pink sunnies
title: Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll
author: alilfallofrain
beta: mrsmaggiemae
pairing: Kradam
characters: Kris, Adam, mentions of Brad, Neil and other Burning Man friends.
rating: R
word count: 2600
warnings: Angst, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual situations/adult concepts
prompt: a non-AU Kradam fic. Adam's lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock n roll is slowly destroying him, Kris has to help change his ways before it's too late. Character death is optional. (Author's note: I chose not to do the character death because, well, I just can't take it anymore)

A/N:  sorry this is in two parts, apparently it was too long to post as one?

part 1
part 2


8th-Sep-2009 07:10 am - Fall off the End of the World

title: Fall off the End of the World
author: [info]cydsa
characters/pairings: Kris/Adam
rating: PG
prompt: a non-AU Kradam fic. Kris grows increasingly shy around Adam as the tour progresses and his feelings become clear to himself. Adam can tell exactly what's going on, and has to try to make Kris comfortable with the attraction without actually threatening his marriage. Kisses follow.

6th-Sep-2009 10:48 pm - Posting Begins!
[sdb] juc popodyssey
Hope your ficathon stories are coming along! Posting is officially open as of today and will run until September 20th. All members of the community have posting access, so feel free to post your stories any time within the two week window.

As a reminder, all stories must be behind a cut. Feel free to link to your personal journals. Headers for your story must contain at least this basic information:

Can't wait to read all the new stories!
2nd-Sep-2009 07:35 am - reminder
american idol
FIRST OFF, I'M SORRY ABOUT MINE AND wutendeskind'S RECENT INACTIVITY. she's been moving house, and i've been on about five more holidays than i planned on going on (plus i've been accidentally having a social life even when i have been at home). the friday discussion posts were meant to happen, but we just haven't been around to run them. so apologies for that.

secondly, the two-week fic submission period begins on september sixth, i.e. this sunday. so you might want to be making sure that your fics are okay to be posted soon.

and that's all. hope you're all having good summers ~

12th-Aug-2009 02:47 am - Leftover Prompts List
[sdb] juc popodyssey
Under the cut you'll find the leftover prompts list. We're hoping people who didn't sign up (or those of you who did and want to write two stories) will take a look and find something they like. The leftover prompts list will remain open until we close posting for the ficathon on September 20th. If you find a prompt you like, comment with the number and we'll tell people it's been claimed.

Also, I haven't heard from a few of you as to whether or not you've received your prompts and I know some people were having trouble with their spam filters, so if you haven't let us know that you got your prompt, please do so. Thank you!

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or email us at aificathonmods@gmail.com.

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